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Building Contest?


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If anyone hasnt noticed. Sacrevy = Zombitch At least thats what I was told.

EDIT: Confirmed. Derp. I think I was the only one who didnt know.

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Ohh did you never come on the spacecraft server I made awesomeo? :o Basically I have a plugin that makes it night time 24/7, then I loaded up a skylands map and bam! space, it works brilliantly (see below, although it was before I fixed the green grass on rock n stuff)


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No I didnt :( That looks pretty epic. I'd create a terraform dome like the Eden Project and fill it with mooshrooms :D

I could try and stick the server back on sometime, although I'd have to update everything, its pretty awesome - I was trying to turn it into a new survival game mode. Everything you could make in the pictures I posted was easily attainable from normal gameplay, so technicallyl it would be like playing normal MineCraft but in space :> I even had it so there was acid rain that hurt you too, and a plugin where if you werent wearing a helmet where outside you would start to suffocate :D

But I digress: It would be fun for a building event

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So is Tekkit a type of server that allows for mods? Quite odd, because thats what Bukkit is working on now, Mod API.

Tekkit is the multiplayer version of the Technic pack, You basically download a launcher which creates a seperate client to the minecraft one, then you load up tekkit from that launcher and Voila you can go on any tekkit server.

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Do note that there are alot of griefable items which will come with the tekkit pack, it is possible and needed to disable these items, and it would become a hell of a job for the admins.

Nah THeres not too much that needs disabling. EE, Mining Laser, Nukes and a few others.

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Balmung, you are not alone.

I'm with you.

It would take a lot of time, time which I dont think TC want to spend on MineCraft when there is already an established server with consistant players - there'd be no point in spending weeks making a new server and risking losing all of those players.

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Do note that there are alot of griefable items which will come with the tekkit pack, it is possible and needed to disable these items, and it would become a hell of a job for the admins.

Nah THeres not too much that needs disabling. EE, Mining Laser, Nukes and a few others.

There's a tekkit server I'm playing on ,

It has over 40 items disabled , and the spawn / claimed area's are still getting griefed every once and a while.

This community is larger , we're having more players, that will cause more people to find out how to grief the spawn.

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Tekkit is a multiplayer version of the Technic Pack, and is essentially a client mod. It literally expands the gameplay of Minecraft beyond belief - you can have autonomous quarries that mine 64x64 areas and sort items into separate chests totally autonomously. The only issue I have found with it is the sheer damn scope of it. It's pretty hard to get a grasp on, but there are tutorial maps you can play. If anyone hasn't tried it, I would sincerely recommend it - I got a good 20 hours of gameplay out of single player again before I became too busy to play :(.

I remember the first time playing on this server, and the subsequent times trying to find other servers to play on. This is the only server I've played on for more than a week, and though I've lost enjoyment in the PVP side of things it still interests me and I'm sure a lot of the newer players feel the same way as I used to in terms of novelty and plug in set up. I think that now Clavus has implemented the peaceful factions there's a lot more scope in terms of what you could do instead of raiding.

The way I see PVP being improved and the returning of balance to maps, is if a) more teleporters are introduced, to allow less clumping together of factions. and B) One end portal is set as a safezone to prevent monopolisation of high powered enchants. Whilst it's great that you guys had the ingenuity and put in the work to get the end portals, it does play heavily on the Mojang acknowledged disparity of enchantment based PVP (which they're planning to rebalance soon).

Minky and I were talking earlier and we have some really cool ideas, if they come to fruition it'd be awesome and a lot of fun in the process. And it has nothing to do with faction wars. I guess the point I'm trying to make is: yes a lot of us are tired with PVP since the changes or whatever. But with the peaceful faction the server is for all intents and purposes dedicated to building for your faction. One thing I don't think people realise is that when you're peaceful, you can't be claimed. So even if you only come on once a week to play, you won't log on and find the super epic penis model (Minky's idea, based on his actual peenor) claimed and griefed. Of course you do have to donate to receive the green coins. But considering how much I've seen a lot of you guys on, €5 isn't a lot in reflection to how much fun you probably used to have.

If any of you guys wanted to, all the people who don't play as regularly or don't enjoy PVP could form peaceful factions, and each claim part of a far-flung biome. That way we'd each have seperate building areas, but know the bases around us will be attractive and won't get griefed, and the terrain won't be destroyed to the point of falling down an x-ray hole every 3 steps and losing the ONE diamond pick you've had all server (true story :mellow: ). We could even all work on a communal theme each map, for example we could all do Minky's space idea our selves - Just a handful of us building with the same texture pack making cool intersteller space ship super hyper wars.

Sorry for the long post. I'm stuck in essay mode. But to those that made it all the way through, heyy :)

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