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Awesomeo_5000's Minecraft Admin Application

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Gameserver: Minecraft

Age: 20

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Link to Steam Community profile: Awesomeo_5000

Minecraft name: awesomeo_5000

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hello all,

I have been playing Minecraft for quite some time now, for about a week longer than the day I first was introduced to this server by Corby. I'd say I've been playing for around 18 months, give or take.

I am on summer vacation, and you can usually find a strong correlation between how much of a neckbeard I become and how much free time I have. And my friends, I have 16 weeks of pure unadulterated freedom. Needless to say I will be playing Minecraft more than is healthily recommended.

I have a lot of ideas I'd like to implement as admin, but I don't want to bore you. So here is a brief summary:

  • Host regular events.
  • Increase awareness of greencoins through 'Awesomeo's Adventures' and helping people set up their account.
  • Provide in game assistance to newer players, hopefully meaning they're more likely to return.
  • Act as a mediator, discovering what problems people have with the server and seeing if it can be improved (duping issues, command spammers, and racially insulting themes/language)
  • Cleaning up common areas (around teleporters) of 1x1 towers and over-griefed land. Hopefully to increase the longevity of the maps and welcome new builds.

Though I'm not a common IRC monkey, I am always available through private message (I get push notifications to my phone) . And I expect that as soon as I am reunited with my gaming rig at home I will be able to be on more often.

I'm a relaxed kind of guy, my teachers often told me if I were any more laid back I'd fall off my chair. Whilst this has a lot of health and safety implications, after seeing the barrages Corby endures I think it's a pretty damn essential quality for the Minecraft server.

I realise that a lot of the anti-cheating side of administration is covered and new admins may not be necessary in that department - but I feel the server could benefit exponentially with just a small input from an experienced hand, that belongs to a guy that loves Minecraft and wants to help develop the community.

Thanks for reading,


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I dont really know you that much, but I can tell that you would make a great admin. Im glad that someone worthy is finally stepping up for the job. Good luck dude.

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