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Your PVP fights


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Ok, so I'm starting this thread to let everyone share their pvp fights through and screen recordings they might have.

Make sure that you don't post a 20 minute video of you walking to their base and the last minute is of fighting. I other words, condense you videos to the action and whatnot.

Also, give a brief description of the fight and the context around it.

For example:


This is a pvp fight(more like ambush) of me vs buffalobill. We had a misunderstanding as allies and after that we became brutal enemies. In this attack, I followed him for a while when he logged out for some reason. I waited until he logged back in and then killed him. (Yes I know this is cheesy but it is all I have right now.)

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pwned dis haker, he hed ecksray und forsifild!

naow ai'll copypasta teh ingame chat


hakerguy34643: faggit quertism am gona spownkill yoo till yoo uninstall miencrakt

quertism: no fakiu go bay som skillz yo suk, am gona repotr tu amdin

hakerguy34643: lolno, am comin to kill yo

quertism killed hakerguy34643 with a diamond sword

player hakerguy34643 has left the game (disconnect by user)


EDIT: woops sory i acksidentaly scrinshoted may radar, plz unban me i dednt know eet wos egeinst teh rulz

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