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I've unbanned you on good faith. If you use any sort of hacks or x-ray I'll assume you were previously banned for the same, and I will push for an IP ban for the outright cheek of it :)

Have fun, stay out of trouble.

thnx alot man i dont u hacks so u wont get banned again i hope if my laptop isnt laggy again but i will be carefull

i have tried to join but it still said u are banned from this server

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yea i can play on other server well and i have removed my optifine to try it and i am still banned and aslo on play.minecraft.nl

What do you mean 'also on play.minecraft.nl'? What else would you be banned from?

I'm stuck with what to do, we'll have to wait for Clavus to get around to it (sorry I'm not admin enough for you)

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