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combat tag-glitch

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Since this thread is already about the new plugin, is there any possibility Clavus that people also lose power when they die from combat log? The current plugin sure is better than the last one, but refusing people to combat log to save their power would further improve it in my opinion.

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Oh no I totally agree, I was just thinking of how we would actually implement that. I'm guessing it's something to do with login protection, which the old plug in might have (not sure) circumvented. If it worked, both plugins would effectively kill the person twice, which might also relieve some of the armour issues we've been having.

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What would happen if we ran both combat logging plug ins at once? That would be, interesting...

theres one problem there i can see, your back to the old problems of before when the game manages to kill you for not logging, or lagging after a battle is over, which i know for me aswell as others has often be a problem, besides unless you could link them so the old plugin activates when your npc is killed in the new one yhis will just happen... aslso when your raiding you want their power to drop upon killing the npc so that you can claim, otherwise they log and even if they loose enough power to be claimable when they relog, they can still choose to stay offline untill there sure that the raiders have gone home, allowing them to loose the power but regen it before they get raided again.

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