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Frizzy's Minecraft Adinistrator application


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Administrator*. Darned typos, this is now twice as embarrassing.:<

Gameserver: Minecraft Faction Wars

Age: 17

Country of origin: England

Link to Steam Community profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/heytherecorn

Minecraft name: Cornarias

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: As it says in the topic way up there, this is really embarrassing! I feel really bad making a second application to replace my first, but with the severe drop in Infected Wars' popularity, I stopped seeing a reason to hold onto my admin application. That and how I don't enjoy Zombie Survival. Nothing against Mr Green, of course. It's just not my cup of tea.

But it was that one admin application that actually brought me in to be a contributing member of these forums. Not to fulfill my requirements to become an admin, thought it's likely that was a driving factor, but because this forum really did just seem fun!

I soon learned that Mr Green servers went beyond just two games in Garrysmod. Not even one week later I joined Discord in the Minecraft faction wars server alongside Box. I only got a taste of how fun the server really could be, though (even if I did have some higher tier stuff thanks to Discord being one of the more powerful factions).

Then came the competition for the creation of vs games. I buckled down and began production on a three different entries (one of which was with Quert). I was, once more, really enjoying Minecraft. So I stuck around.

With the most recent map, the guerrilla faction wars, I've been having a blast. I definitely intend to stay around for a very long time.

As for qualifications, I feel I have actually gained more since my last post.

I spent, with a friend of mine, a month running an extremely popular Survival Games server for Minecraft. The plugin we used broke, so it's going to be down for some time, but I digress. I spent most of my nights administrating the server as well as addressing individual complaints about the server itself. A few complaints were issued in my direction. But all were resolved peacefully through either an explanation of my actions, or through me having to alter the way I administrated in the first place!

I have, as I said in my previous thread, administrated many DarkRP Garrysmod servers among a plethora of other gamemodes. I do my best to be as fair an administrator as I can possibly be, doing as much as I can to resolve an issue peacefully.

Lastly, and I said this in the first thread but it's worth saying again, I take an extremely strong stance against hackers. Anyone who gains an unfair advantage on others, through any means, and knowingly removes their enjoyment from the game deserves zero mercy. Whether it be a fault or otherwise. Aside from hackers, exploiters, and "extreme" griefers I do my best to be lenient.

I, like many others who apply, hope to make the cut. Either way I'll be seeing you on the server!

Edit: due to popular (whimplash) demand: Thankya for taking time out of your day to get through my app!

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