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Meet Saxton Hale

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You have waited for this or not, but now it's time to face the Autralian Justice and meet Mann Co's CEO... and color your pants in brown !

For those of you who didn't know, I've made a first Meet Saxton Hale video with Garry's mod, which took me grosso modo 3 days.

For more than a week now, I've been reworking on this using the Source Film Maker and I wanted to share it with you (and tease a bit my work by the way :) ).

I've spent a huge amount of time on this, it's not perfect and it somehow looks "robotic" at times, but I like what I've done and I hope you'll enjoy this !

And yeah, I like presenting this like the official Meet the videos muehehe :catbread:

So here is the video :

(Watch in HD !)

Bonus screenshots :



The quality isn't at its best, SFM was working fine, and I hoped I could get what I've seen with the preview, but the final product is slightly different from what I've expected.

You can notice a few "flickering" textures (due to the slight overuse of shadows/volumetric lights), but nothing really disturbing.

SFM caused me a few problems after compiling the video, and I couldn't completely fix them.

That's my first SFM video ;)

If you want to watch the Gmod version :

Enjoy !

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