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Ir/rational: hope you heard about propositional logic


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Part 4 was actually pretty subjective as far as logical arguments go.

I am breathing oxygen or I am NOT alive. I am breathing oxygen, therefore I am alive.

Well this is technically untrue, you can survive without breathing oxygen. The problem is the length of time you are able to survive while not breathing oxygen.

You may call this semantics. However when you face a logical argument, most of it is, by default, based on semantics.

Part 7 is also logically flawed through circular reasoning. You first must assume that Atkinson is a douche. Then you must assume then Australia is wrong to ban 18+ games.

Room 10 was kinda difficult since I thought they all interlocked at first. Once I realised it was just 3 individual puzzles it was easy.

Lastly, the end was just lazy :I

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