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What fresh hell is this?

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As I understand it we have to travel to "potion towers" to brew?

Aye, and enchanting towers, its just to force people out of their bases more often so it encourages like ambushes and stuff. Also it means people don't just brew tons and tons of potions and become crazy overpowered

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I was in LRG. In fact, LRG is mostly real life friends. However, I would rather not go into the bullshit that happened before the last update that lead to me leaving the faction and having a butthurt Mexican on my hands. Regardless of that, no grudges. Still friends with everyone in real life, just would rather play with new people.

My faction Cruxis is doing pretty good. peaceful at the moment but were changing in a couple days.

Since my IRL Friends has gotten bored of minecraft, ill be looking for new people, especially the good ones!

Im also ally with MLG and LRG. Guess if you want to, and if i can trust you, you can join :)

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