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TF2 payload server suggestions

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Firstly i know i've only been on occasionally but here's my views.

1 - Keep the bots.

Fighting against no-one is pointless and incredibly boring. Often now i actually go to the L4G payload server to shoot bots. Yes people often stack against them, but least people aren't leaving straight away because the server is dead.

2 - Koth?

Adding a Koth option to the map vote, see number 3, would give a bit of variance rather than just playing upward, badwater basin, hoodoo, upward...., and with the new Koth map it might attract other random players, who account for most of the current server users, to the server. One thing i would say though is that it shouldn't be in the map cycle but should only be accessible by vote. Basically the server is payload and will always play payload, unless people vote to do a Koth map, probably one option out of five on the voting, in which case it plays that map then goes back to payload unless a new Koth vote happens.

3 - Change voting.

Currently voting, on the automatic voting, doesn't work. Most people vote for map A, and the server plays map N and then people leave. Also it requires the majority to vote. Why??? If the server is full of random people who are AFK for the set-up, often happens as people don't vote, then the voting fails due to lack of people and the server picks a shit map. Suggestion, have it so that it goes on what the majority of people that voted picked.


Keep the bots.

Possibly add Koth.

Fix the voting.

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I want to comment on map voting here. Theres a TF2 Map vote built into the game which people can initiate at any time, the function however does not work and will proceed to the next map in the cycle instead, I've seen people leave because of this, if theres a way to get that disabled it would be great.

Back on topic, As you probably know theres been a KotH server in the past which was removed due to lack of players. With payload usually filled with only bots and loads of regulars leaving the Arena server it would seem pointless to add in another server. On the other hand most 24/7 2fort seem to be successful, although clavus was joking about a 64p one, I think a 32p could work quite well.

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Sorry if my wording was bad but at no point did i mention getting a new server.

I'm sorry Balmung, the only other person on topic, i will re-explain. Add in the option to vote, using the plugin vote system, to play a Koth map. The rest of the time the server is payload.

You did also bring up a good point that payload only ever has bots, 80% of the time at least, and the regular arena players all stopped playing or switched servers.

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