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An idea for a transition map


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Every once in a while there is a transition map, in which Minecraft is drastically changed to mix/spice things up until the next "vanilla"? map.

These can be build contest maps, or like that recent gorilla map.

Here is my idea.

There are between 2-6 factions, Each faction is run by either an server admin or high profile MC'er (for example Minky, Mathijs, Juantwothree)

Then when people join they have to join one of these limited number of factions. The admins can work together to ensure balance. It won't be fun if there is one team with 100 members and every one else has like 20.

The point of this is to focus on massive PVP combat, something that is very rare, but super fun. It was mention somewhere that there's no such thing as 10v10 but with this, maybe 20v20!!!!!!!!

The map could be super small, maybe like 2000 diameter circle (instead of this 7000 beast)

Maybe give each faction an epic prebuilt base? Start with something like 1000 power/land, and with every kill they can claim a piece of enemy land, and with every death they can lose one piece.

So its kinda like risk or something, where the objective is to conquer the world.

What do you think? I think this would be a fun little 1-2 week experiment. Its not like we can possibly hurt the player base anymore XD (sorry)

Its entirely up to you admin. Maybe with some support you could give it a shot?

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1 the last thing we need right now is something that would stop anyone at all from joining, yes massive pvp might be fun for a couple hours before it got old but it would be stupid with the land claim like you said because without meaning any offence to alot of our playerbase there are alot of noobs out there and theyre not invited for a reason, and its not that they cant be trusted(ownership fixes that) THEY JUST DIE ALOT!

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I like the idea, but as mentioned I don't know how well it would work after say an hour. But, I think it'd be awesome for a prized event.

We could get people to sign up, split the into randomly allocated teams and then have a battle royal. Everyone in full diamond, no enchants or potions or food. Last men standing get a prize fund split between them (with the option of throwing down their stake and battling it out between the remaining men for full glory, if cocky enough :D)

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The minecraft server will be moved to fenrir, and the slots (and hopefully the lag) will be reduced.

it gets extremely laggy when you pvp nowadays

Yes server is more stable but fenrir runs windows, Iris runs linux which is better with java. So in theory Iris should be better with the Mc server.

I hope the reduced slots and worldsize will make up with the server running on Microsoft on Fenrir. If it does, we should get better stability

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