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Invisibility Problem


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Whilst playing on the Minecraft server yesterday I was in the middle of raiding when all of a sudden I am being hit by a purely invisible person. I lost a lot of armour and was kind of annoyed. Just today I was raiding another faction and the same thing happened this time I couldn't play on because id just lost iron armour to people with stone pickaxes.

I don't know what what's up whether it is plugins or Minecraft but its really making raiding hard. If there is any suggestions on how to fix this problem I would really like some help.


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Oh and I though I'd leave a note

Can we get rid of Invisibility potions in 1.4 as it will make pvp bad.

Don't worry, i asked to Notch to put the Splash Milk.

So if you see someone invisible you can throw the milk :D The same thing for the poison.

Notch isnt developing MC any more

But if he want he can add the splash milk.. because it isn't a fuckin idea of n00bs like put dragon pokemons ecc.. xD

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