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Question About <playername> Has Given You Their Vehicle Fire

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Hello, MGG! Some of you may recognize me from MTA, and if not, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to meet you yet. Anyway, I've had some nagging questions concerning a feature in the MGG |RACE| server. When a player's car becomes so damaged that it catches fire, if another car even touches it, his/her vehicle's fire is transferred to the vehicle that made contact with it. I've been in quite a few situations in which I'd be doing well in a race, come into a turn, see a car that had crashed into a wall/object, hit my brakes, then just barely make contact with the vehicle, then it would cause my car to be destroyed. Unlike in GTA:SA, in which if a vehicle were to catch fire from molotovs, flamethrowers, or fire remaining after an explosion, it would simply do a certain amount of damage then the fire would go out. When vehicle fire is transferred in MGG |RACE|, it completely destroys the vehicle in which the fire is transferred to, no matter if the vehicle was at 90-95% health. I am just wondering why a driver who's been doing his/her best to keep his vehicle from being damaged should have to pay for a bad driver who has totaled his/her car's mistakes.

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I agree this sucks, i think you should have it so that i can just push a button to blow up my car so that when someone gives me their fire i can go and blow them up for vengenace, that sounds like fun.

Then the server would just be full of everyone blowing each other up 24/7. Fun, eh?

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