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    Race & Mix Map Manager - DzinyMaster

    make a post for u
  4. MoshPit

    Map Manager Application

    +1 would be a good choice.
  5. MoshPit


    I am making this for Kash since he is banned and cant come to this site. KashToday at 9:49 AM Hello. I don't have much to write. I am sorry i insulted Cena and was also banned for fighting with blockers. Kash
  6. MoshPit

    State of Mr. Green Gaming

    Good Luck
  7. Please Undo Deletion map Car Upgrade and crack wall woodwood

  8. MoshPit

    Official Suggestion/Changes Topic

    We dont have this problem in race
  9. MoshPit

    Kash racism, toxic

    I will give a 14 day ban.
  10. MoshPit

    MoshPit Demote Request

    You are constantly attacking people, droning on about not liking this person or that person, or a map u hate, or how much u hate the mapmaker. On 7/14 I was in server for about 10 minutes to check on things, u were there crying and attacking sandy. About 12 hours later i came back to check server and u were there attacking someone else.That is why u got a 7 day mute. As i see this post as nothing more than another toxic attack, i will be changing your mute to a 30 day ban.
  11. MoshPit

    Bind button to ingame command

    Check f9 binds and commands for all the updated commands
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