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SMG in zombie survival

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I always thought about smg that has a laser on top of it. If u press right click, i think it will be a very comfort weapon.and damage of it is like damage of other smg like TMP.

I just want to SMG to be in zombie survival.

What waepons do u want in zs? :P

Hmm... but the reload of it is fast... maybe it can be slower? :o

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50 kills = Sawed off shotgun:

- Larger spread

- 2 bullets

- Even lower damage then the shotgun at range.

- Quick fire

140 kills = Pimp slap, as seen in Saints Row.

- Insta kill

- Cool-down timer of 5 seconds per hit

- Melee only

- Ragdolls fly around like *dead* birds.

100 kills = Dubble magazine uzi

- Quick reload

- Fast shooting

- Ammo is gone really quick

- When fired for a long time *say 4 seconds constant fire*, the weapon spread is even worse then the sawed off shotgun.

Or whatever :V

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The SMG's just a bog standard MP7 with an Eotech scope on it, I would like to see some of the HL2 weapons in ZS as well, we currently have the grenades, crowbar and the AR2, why not add the SMG as yet another weapon you can get at 12 kills (maybe as an upgrade at the store)

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I want a cloak of invisibility,like the spy,it's limited in time but you can hide yourself from the zombies :awesome:

Hey that's not bad.

Or imagine , unlock this for zombies.

A cloacking poison zombie


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