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UnBan Phoeny


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Dear Admins,

Its your beloved Phoeny :). I have a problem. I was banned from server.minecraft.nl on 10/8/2012 for xray and simular cheat abuse. But thats the thing i dont have cheats or hacks I love this server it is my favorite of all time! And i got 25 dias by tnt mining this morning. I had a raid gained some tnt and put it to the use. Also in our mines i found a vaine of diamonds of 8 that was unmined by one of my comrads. I love this server and you have my word i do not hack. Ive been banned before only because of someone elses doing and was unbanned under 24 hours. Admins i have been a part of this server for around 6 months and i do not hack and do not have any intention it it because i like this server so much.

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