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I don't know

I would love if it had Skyrim graphics (or even better) with all the lights, effects, etc.

If it has something like Morrowind or Oblivion then I am not really looking forward to it. I want the good looking stuff, realistic :V (Unless everyone from the community buys it, then meh, I'll have to buy it too).

Hope the graphics are as good as screenshots contain.

EDIT: 1 map, 1 server, 1 story line?

I wonder how big the map will be to make it available for over 100k players to join it.

Damn, that's gotta be a huge war of guilds in the game. We gotta have to play it all together!

Stuff looks pretty awesome. Hope I will be impressed with the game.

The idea of the entire game is like MC Faction wars + Unlimited amount of players on the server + Absolutely awesome graphics = The game of my dreams.

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