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Fire swap event.

Fire Swap  

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Just like the topic title says. I want to discuss about this fire swap event/script or whatever you may call it.

For the people who don't know what I mean:

I'm talking about the script which allows you to transfer your car fire onto other players.

I mean, why the hell was this implemented? It's not fun and fucks up round/lap based race maps.

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I'd say I like fire exchange because it's fun, it's nice to have a chance of revenge when you fail, and it interferes only people behind you anyway: if you catch a fire, it means you are far enough from cars in front.

And, even without this feature, one still can blow up others with himself, which is more frustrating. But if there was a way to disable car explosions, then fire exchange should be disabled too, I think.

It doesn't add much to lap based maps, because slow people on road is a huge obstacle per se, and fire is really rare occasion.

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It saddens me to see that people don't understand the concept of arcade racing and mistake MTA for NFS. This was never about winning. Quoting Bandit: "You need to get past newbies and noobs" / "quite difficult to manouver through all those people". "fucked up on a whole 'nother level" , well, let me just say that what you said describes how I've (and many other people) always seen MTA to be and enjoyed it :)

It's a pity that it got disabled.

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