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CS: GO 1v1 Tournament! 1st Place Gets £8 worth of games! :D


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Game Explanations-

  • Climb: A large number of blocks must be jumped to in a set order before reaching the end. Best of 3, 3 maps will be used.
  • Cowboys VS. Indians: CT gets dualies. T gets AWP. Objectives are allowed. Best of 5. 5 maps will be played.
  • Mini-Games: Best of 3. Games played will be Gun Toss, Shot-for-Shot, and Sudden Death Machine Guns
  • Arms Race (to knife): First to knife level wins. 1 round. Winner takes all.

Matches will be hosted in random order. The first match will be hosted tomorrow night 8-9 pm London time.

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Interesting, very interesting...

I will sign up, but I kinda want to know the date of it sooner rather than later.

Most likely within a few days of the tournament itself being set up. The length will depend on then umber of players. For those unable to participate the tournament will be delayed up to 2 days (this is also a flexible time, depending on circumstance). Overall I'm looking at the tournament being completed in no more than 2 weeks but no less than one.

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Question what are those minigames?

I can kind of guess but maybe a little more detail.

Gun Toss is pretty simple. Both players get a deagle and must throw it from a certain point in a certain direction, furthest wins. However, there are a number of tricks to getting off a good throw.

Shot-for-Shot is also very simple. Both players get a deagle and are given an area to move about in. Then each player will take turns firing one shot a turn at each other. Whoever dies loses the round.

Sudden Death Machine guns is something I made up that sounded fun. Both players get their choice of a Negev or an M249 and their health is set to 1. The map this is played on will likely be an italy because of its nooks, cranies, and open areas. This will make for a pretty tense match.

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