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Donation system Q&A

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when will there be a donation system for infected wars??

i wants to donate to it!

You can always donate.

I might put some time in that for the next update.... maybe I'll throw in hats.

maybe ekstra ammo when you pick up ammo boxes?

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Will be there a allopass system to donate?(send a sms to get a code and you enter the code)

We can set that up, but it only works in The Netherlands as far as I know. I'll take look at it.


When you're AFK, you shouldn't play.

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i donate for server, Zombie Survival, STEAM_0:1:11020641. 30 euros.

Check please.

Donate the desired amount of EUROS to:

[email protected]

STEP 2:(Only if you donate to a specific server):

Send an email to the SAME email adress stated above with your Steam ID (Example: 'STEAM_0:0:12345678'), the email adress you use for PayPal, and the server to which you donated. In case of the Zombie Survival server, if you donated 10 or more euros, also provide your desired custom title.

Do that instead of writing it here. :)

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omg, i asked ur opinion???

All information what need admins i give. or u wait when i write all info here?

Well, it wasn't my opinion, it was what Clavus or Ywa have written on the front page and also what it says in the guide.

So please come again.

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How long does it take to proccess the Donations?

'Cos I sent sent my donation a while ago for one of the Zombie Survival server & I still haven't got my coins.

Don't call 2 hours a while ago. ClavusElite needs to process it and he's not here now.

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I've donated €10 and sent an e-mail with my steamid and custom title. Any perticular time when gc will be added?

When clavus is here and that could be in 5 minutes, 7 hours, 3 days, there is no answer to exactly when hes here

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