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No love for PlanetSide 2?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you've probably heard the name at least once.

Basically, it's a f2p MMOFPS with a persistent world.

There are three factions in the game. Choose your allegiance and duke it out with the other two factions.

Terran Republic

The Terran Republic (commonly abbreviated TR) is one of three empires waging war for control over the planet Auraxis. They are characterized by having the fastest firing weapons, with the lowest damage per bullet. They also have the fastest vehicles, with the lowest armor.

Vanu Sovereignty

The Vanu Sovereignty (commonly abbreviated VS) is one of three empires waging war for control over the planet Auraxis. They are characterized by advanced directed-energy weapons and highly mobile hover vehicles. Their faction colors are purple and cyan.

New Conglomerate (aka THE ART OF MANLINESS)

The New Conglomerate (commonly abbreviated NC) is one of three empires vying for control over the planet Auraxis. They are characterized by hard-hitting weapons and heavily-armored vehicles that are designed with straight lines and hard edges. Their faction colors are blue and yellow.

You can download the client from their website or straight from Steam.

Other useful links.

Performance tweaks.


Weapon damage charts.


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It's an awesome game. Make sure you have a beefy computer though.

Anyway, normally I play New Conglomerate on the Woodman server with the Conclave community, on Saturday evenings. We're just a handful of people so we're just messing around.

Last Wednesday I joined the weekly Purple Wednesdays of the Rock Paper Shotgun community, playing Vanu on Miller. There were so many people, we had to divide into two platoons. As you might've guessed we steamrolled the fuck out of everything.

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We have a big frame rate improvement almost ready. The downside is it takes a new download.


They are also working on fixing the infantry render distance. That shit is ridiculous in bigger battles.

People just popping up 20m away from you.

Also new weapons and a double xp weekend running from Friday to Monday.

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