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Want a free copy of Don't Starve!? Help me with my statistics homework and it shall be yours!

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This can eaither be a response that is stupid as hell or just dumb, but im going to try anyways...

Free range chicken seem to be happier when in flocks are further positive when certain species are mixed together, this can have be important for the chicken farming indutries as it will provide a good life while living and we can eat the animal and think that it have had a even better life than the average chicken.


sorry :c

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What's the null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis. An alternative test could be the chi squared test. The Wikipedia pages for statistics and maths in general are very good another website to try is wolfram alpha and Mathematica, however this site assumes you already have a high level knowledge of maths and so can be hard to understand.

The section you quoted mentions the fisher test but I can't see anywhere in the table to show the calculations for this test. The confidence interval just means that there is a 95% chance that the actual value lies in the range quoted in the table in the CI columns.

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Here is my random attempt:

The statistics show how many of the 4 groups of "bacteria" (or whatever they are) are attendant at flocks and farms.

I suppose the bacteria are something bad, so a postive rate is bad. (making the flocks have worse results then farms)

At the farms in 26/34 (76,4%) tests there were found bacteria (in the 9 possible combinations)

At the flocks in 48/60 (80%) tests there were found bacteria (in the 9 possible combinations)


the totals are simply a count up of the separate bacteria in each combination (LM @ farms = 2 + 3 + 3 + 1 = 9 for example, and 9/34 (total bacteria) = 26,5%)


Because they just picked some random animals it might be wrong and they have to pick a 95% confident thingy?


I have nothing to do with statistics with my study so this might be complete garbage :coffee:

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