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I know we've all asked for it a lot. So many things that could improve the server that will never happen.


I think the only way to kick the server back up is to completely revamp things next map, drastically making the situation better according to the many things most players want that have never happened (just look through all the denied things players have put in forums). This combined with lots of advertising, and changing the way voting works (how it's set up and the rewards it gives) so that people actually vote. The server is dying, and not changing the server much is just the way to keep it on its current path.


Just my thoughts. I really don't think this is going to happen, and I will probably leave the server until Clavus and Ywa decide to make it popular again.

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You act as though everyone provided miracle solutions that I'm wilfully ignoring. Fact is that most ideas are either bad or already proven to be ineffective in the past, I've been running this Minecraft server since the first SMP version, and I've already experimented with a lot of ideas. Things will change, just be patient.

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youve been running them for all this time sure. but if you take a good look youl see the server IS dying anyway, so why not comprimise and try doing whhat the players want. sure you might not liek it all that much but all the players are asking for them so it stands to reason that thats what you need to apease the playerbase and maybe get some more players online.

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