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Unban please


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I have been waiting for 1 year to get unbanned!  in-game name: 'reynir999'

awesome_5000 banned me. I was noob and didn't know what nodus was...(i have never test it and I won't test it!) some guy typed this command: '-sneak' and i just. wtf? what does that mean? Is that a command? I typed it in faction chat and awesome_5000 kicked me out of the faction and ban me: reason: banned by an opeartor. please believe me!! I can't wait longer, i have been banned for 1 year! My friend said you have good ban system and I get banned for this... WTF? 


Just check the server logs! some guy typed in -sneak in normal chat and I typed it in faction chat! 

Next time please share screen me in skype! I don't have nodus!  


Please please please, it was so fun playing this server and raid with my friends :((


-reynir999 from Holyorder (now it's VIKINGS)


Sorry for bad english, im from iceland.

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