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Hello guys,

I recently upgraded my graphics card from HD5850 to a HD7950. Shortly afterwards i started messing around with it and read alot in OC forums about the hd7000 series and it's power. I got the sapphire vapor-x hd7950 OC with boost which is by default overclocked to 950/1250 mhz, the non-boost clock is 850/1250 mhz. I turned off boost, because the voltage was with 1,25v too high. I switched to the 2nd bios and manually overclocked with afterburner to 1 ghz @ 1,093v with unchanged memory clocks, the temperatures are around 55 °C at load and 29 °C idle. I can see some differences from 850 mhz to 1 ghz in some games, especially in Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 where you have almost 15% more perfomance. I might even go further and try 1150 mhz and see how that goes.


If you are also OC'ing your GPU or CPU, feel free to post your results here.

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Haven't really done OCing at all since I don't have proper hardware for that (locked clocks on CPU and normal fans), but I once, just for the lulz, set my GPU clocks from 725Mhz to 800Mhz or so (with ATI OverDrive thing :V). Some random tests ran fine, and opencl calculating got pretty good boost (~10%), but then I started playing BF3. Worked fine first 15mins with slightly better FPS, but then whole system crashed :D

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Oh it was meant to be overclocking just for the lulz. I knew rising clocks by 50-100MHz (hmm... can't remember exactly how much I boosted) shouldn't toast my GPU or anything, but without any other tweaks it gets slightly unstable. Using AMD Radeon HD 5850 by Asus. Never meant to do any overclocking in first place, so don't bother posting info about it :V

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Doesn't necessarily have to be the temperature. Sometimes you need to boost your voltage a bit to make the card run stable on a higher clock speed. Although never boost it too far or that will bring its own set of instabilities. It's best to look up details on whether specific card models are known to overclock well.

After I OCed my 670 I had some problems with fps drops from like 100 to 15 every minute or two for a couple of seconds, even though the temp was well under 80c. After messing around in afterburner, I set mine set to let it go up pretty high in voltage, my card seems to eat a lot of power in a few seconds then drop back down to its normal rate. If you do it well you can get a 670 to run like a 680, saving a few hundred to be used elsewhere.

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