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MrCoceane Unban Request


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Hello everyone,

Today I tried to log in on the minecraft.nl server after a very long time. And I discovered that I was banned. It has been a couple of months since I last signed in on minecraft.nl and I don't know how, why or when I got banned. So could someone please explain why?

Kind regards MrCoceane

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Do note that from the next map on, which is tomorrow, I'll stop the unban-for-xray-on-new-map policy. I hope the consequences are sufficiently imprinted into people's minds by now.

Wait... So there will not be a map reset today? (Friday)



nha, i think it's tomorrow :quagmire:



He said "tomorrow" on friday so I think it will be on saturday...



No need to start discussing when the map reset will be in an unban request.

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