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chests just disappearing randomly, no explanation for it.


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Maybe nodus idiots. 

The only thing I nodused is you being completely useless and not helping at all.


What do you mean saying this? I just think there are so many players these using that hack client. ahhh_Creeper told us he and his friends jumped from their base, to kill somebody. And at the same time, maybe someone vclipped into their base, stealed stuff with nodus and destroyed chests. Also Whitey, why are you so unfriendly to me?

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I nodused. He just told im useless. Why?

Oh I got it. Maybe...

Maybe nodus idiots.
Saying this i Didnt mean you idiots... I meant players these using nodus... That happened cus of my awesome english skill...

BTW! ahhh_Creeper, if your faction lost all stuff join us, and take your friends also!

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