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rui_troia 's Admin Application - Mr.Green Zombie Survival


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Gameserver: Garrys mod - Mr.Green Zombie Survival server


Age: 15


Country of Origin: Portugal


Link to my Steam Community profile: rui_troia  http://steamcommunity.com/id/rui_troia/


Little somenthing about yourself and why do you think you're fit to be an administrator...

I've started playing on the Mr.Green ZS server back at 2009, back when Deluvas used to be the modder and classes used to exist. I used to be new to Garry's mod since then, but the times were passing and I was getting the hang of it better and better, invited a few friends to know about Mr.Green's Zombie Survival server (Quert was one of them :V).


Later on 2010 I've though about making an admin application, since I've used to spend alot of lifetime and playtime on the Mr.Green ZS server, but yet I've decided to keep quiet and wait for the right time. At 2011 I've created my forum account here to know how everything looks like and to be updated with what's going on on the Mr.Green community.


Times passed and things changed, in 2012 I was trying to prepair a good admin application, but I've had no time for that because I had to focus in my studies and real life too. But yet, I've always managed to get some time to play on it and see how things were going ;)


Since 2013 started, I had support of a few people, specially Damien, to tell me how administration works and how did they get it. I've started doing a job as moderator in a ZS server known as ''X52Gaming Community'', and everything looked pretty basic and simple, it's the same thing as being a player but with responsabilities, in my opinion.


So, I guess its time to give a try to administrate for my home-server, Mr.Green Zombie Survival, (if studies don't stop me, of course).



Well, this was my admin application for Mr.Green Zombie Survival, it's up to Clavus and Ywa now to approve/decline.

I'm also proud to say that I'm not that active on the IRC.

Edit: Not anymore^, thanks to Tycoonman500, I've managed to install a better chat system than Mibbit. Now it's easier to be in IRC and on Gmod at the same time.






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Ugh letters are to big :c



I'm also proud to say that I'm not that active on the IRC.                                                                                                                                                 


Ywa will murder you

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