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Reiska - admin application


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gameserver: Garrys mod - Mr.Green Zombie Survival server


country of origin: Finland

link to steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993884228

something about me and why I should be an admin:


well first off, i know many have been waiting me to make an admin application and since my vacation started I figured it might be time for a change (and so many faggits have been pressuring me to make one) . Well to begin with I have been playing zs years and have not left it even though it has been changing over the years many times. I have also given ideas and suggestions on how the server should be developed by listening to the players and seeing myself the good and the bad things on the server. 


of course im playing on the server alot so it would be nice to have more active admin. And I will continue playing in the future

also I pretty much know every player that has been playing more than 2 weeks.

now i might not be that much active on Irc or anything but at least I might be the most active player on the zs server at the moment . 

one more thing: I don't have that much of an experience being admin but im sure many present admins would help me on that fact


feel free to leave negative comments I always enjoy a good laugh  :quagmire:



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So you finally decided to make an app.

Good luck mate, you've been here for long enough as well as you've been the ZS old school member.


Meh, I miss the days with ppl like Bean, Damien and Deluvas. Hope you still remember those days.


you should start making funny jokes btw, funny jokes, not unfunny

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