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Battlefield 4 conversation


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This thread will be updated as new info is released.





Oh yes, Battlefield 4. A game which some of us have been waiting.




Some facts:

-Even more detailed destruction of buildings and enviroment("Destruction 4.0")

-Possible to use 2 different sights simultaneously

-New weapons and vehicles

-Takes place at least in Azerbaijan

-Commander mode

-Spectator mode

-Game engine takes wind into account(trees and clothes move)

-No pre-rendered scenes or movie-like breaks

-Several ways to solve problems, you can execute your own playstyle freely

-Main character is "Recker"


-Shotguns, carbines and DMR's are universal guns for all classes

-Supression has been tweaked and reduced to be less annoying, LMG's and sniper rifles have better supressing effect









A small "teaser":





Eagerly waiting for the 27th.



E: Finally my 2000th post.

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