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After todays 2 restarts, something changed. i know Clavus installed some sort of crap, that lagging textures and making imposible lag in the middle of the battle. Clavus, ffs what uve done? i was playing on FAST graph, lagged in the middle of the field, when lag gone - all my quipment dissappeared, cus someone killed me while i was lagging. FIX FIX!








Sorry, im raging, but i lost full prot 2 dia cus of that crap.

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My location - Russia. My Internet speed - was good enough to play on max settings. But now something wrong. Mathijs told me, that new antixray plugin installed. We already had good plugin before... Just leave it as it was. Or delete old antixray plugins.

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It's easy to see that there's a new plugin on the server as chests looks like stone blocks until you get somewhat close to them. Also, serverlag used to be non-existent until I came back from vacation yesterday. Everything lags now, even the chat, and I don't want the situation to become like it was earlier where you could get stuck in a lagspike and die because of it. I've not done any PvP so far today, but even outside PvP the lag is quite noticable. If this is caused by the new anti-xray plugin, I'd prefer to keep the old one and have the server free of lag than having to relive the lag we had some maps ago.

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i've got the problem when i walk in a room with chest they look like smootstone for couple of seconds.


If it's only that, it shouldn't be that bad


Same happens to all blocks when they are in shade, or in the next chunk. Most common that thing happens to crafting table. Once i was walking in the mountains and saw diamonds instead of stone. Then is dissappearing with lag.

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Ya i have the same problem. I have a sky base and whenever i jump into the water i lag halfway through the jump and end up dying and losing my stuff. I try over and over again and keep dying so canyou please fix it so i can escape my base? Thanks lol

Use vines, lag doesn't affect it 90% of the time :)

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