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Any suggestions for improving barricading?


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I'm planning on making changes to the barricading. What suggestions do you guys have for this? :)


My thoughts so far:

- Increase health of wooden props (actually done already, server needs a restart for it to work)

- Ability to buy small props (for nailing purposes) at the supply crates

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Hammer sucks. It should be able to nail, unnail and repair the nails. Nails should have health and the barricaded props shouldn't take damage from human players, once nailed. You should be able to buy nails from the supply, ammunition crates/shop, although a little more expensive.

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Two words...katana and turtle hat and all your problems are solved ;D also why not make some hats unlock able like the winter beanie but give the hat like a little buff of maybe 5% run speed or an extra nail at the start of the game, you know shit along those lines.

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So you have to buy ammo, stuff to cade with and nails. the sp does not grow on mah back. I really dont like this pay to win system :/

SP buying is an experimental extra. We design the game to work properly without buying SPs.

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