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People with FPS lower then 20 should not be able to play

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I agree but the thing I hate the most is that admins don't kick players that have 10 fps or less.. 


I do it whenever it catches my eye.


And pufu, don't be dumb. If someone in front of you is going at 5FPS, teleporting 10 feet back and forth, it's really not fun to drive. You don't let bums who have shit and pissed themselves into a public transport vehicle with other people. Life's not fair, get over it

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Nothing good can come from it.


As I just stated - much good can come from it to improve the quality of the server. This is exactly like people with a ping of 500 whining that they can't play if they live in Australia. It's like everybody think life is the definition of perfection. Grow up, people

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I don't see why there is a ping limit but know fps limit when it's basicly the same issue.


We used to have it but the script malfunctioned somehow. That's why it had to be removed. Not sure if it's got any better in the newer versions of MTA (detecting FPS).

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