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As you may know from a few weeks ago, there were some plans for a novel zombie survival gamemode for GMod, which would replace the current one.  Unfortunately, since I was the only one working on it, time was sparse and I barely got to prototype some primitive gameplay. In the following paragraphs, I'll describe some of the things I've gone through with this project.


The Catalyst


The idea started from the fact that the current gamemode has been through a lot of changes and can't further cope with modifications because of its increased complexity and quality of code. Not only that, but the gamemode itself was getting duller and duller by each update. The difference between what's in my toilet before flushing and the gamemode's code and rules is non-existent.




When I started working on the new mode, I thought of some crude concepts of how gameplay should .. play. One of them sounded like something out of The Walking Dead series, but it didn't live long until I realised I was just complicating the game and confusing the player. So I took something that already existed, was fun and challenging to play -- Killing Floor -- and added some features of mine.


It sounds like this: human players spawn as usual, with a customized loadout based on their chosen class. These classes are four in number and are nothing like the old classes (different types of rewards, achievements, balancing etc). Just like Killing Floor, the game is divided into waves of increasing difficulty. At the end of each wave, there was the thought of adding a boss. After the final wave, the players proceed to the escape area.


So where's the zombie players? I've replaced them with NextBot zombies. More over, the maps are specially modified for the gamemode, so there aren't any glitchy physics or unreachable areas. The zombies are unstoppable, .. well, actually they are. You can barricade, BUT WAIT! Remember those times where you had to move props and nail them to create a barricade? What a frustration! This mode uses pre-deployed barricades, similar to those in Call of Duty: Black Cock- I mean Zombies. This means that when you've gotten enough resources (you can gather special resources in order to solve different problems) to build a barricade, you can simply barricade a room. Oh yeah, and zombies can attack the barricades. Did I mention the weapons are also customizable? I almost forgot, hats. Lots of them.


The Problem


Okay, it sounds somewhat fun. So what's the problem? Currently, development has a very low priority, because I can't focus on developing long-time projects anymore. It seems that I'm going through a mid-life crisis and even though I would love to see this gamemode in action, I simply cannot. I was thinking of forwarding the concept to somebody else, but I don't know anybody who has the same vision, can be trusted and is skillful enough -- NO, NECROSSIN, I'm not going to create an elephant just so I can get its metatable -- so it's in a rut.


That's kinda it. Maybe, maybe, on a sunny day, I'll start making real games, but that time hasn't come yet.


Braaaaainnss :henk:

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So where's the zombie players? I've replaced them with NextBot zombies.


What the hell :o, Removing human controlled zombies is like removing the essence of zombie survival. It will just be another zombie outbreak type gamemode. Zombie survival is so fun and dynamic, because everything is human controlled. AI is always stupid, how complex you even make it. It will always be predictable or act in certain ways. Humans are unpredictable and make the fun in zombie survival happen. Even on the same map the outcome varies alot between rounds. 


As for the rest of the changes. They sound very cool. :o 

We need a fresh zs and this sounds like it really could work out.

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most of that sounded great but id have to agree with damien on that part, zombies need to be human controlled, otherwise it just not a real zs anymore, the ai will get stuck and glitchy too, its not as fun. Also i dont think having set cade is a good idea, takes away the idea of building the cade and limits people to where they can cade, other than that the classes and loadout related perks sounds like a good idea

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First, great to see you back and second, awesome to hear that you will be working on a ZS gamemode.

After reading the entire thing there isn't much for me to disagree with. Looking back at how your version of Green ZS was pretty much the most enjoyable version for me to play on, I do think you should give your ideas a shot and look afterwards how it actually turns out. Testing is good for re-assuring afterall, BUT I'm sceptic on the AI zombies idea tbh.

I've played on ZS servers like that before and it doesn't feel quite as exciting and as alive than having actual players being zombies. Also, once players are dead they'd rather leave than watch others play and have fun, while being a lame spectator. That's my view on that matter.

Anyways, hope that you get your problems back in hand again.

A Deluvas' ZS would definately get me back to Gmod...

Especially if you promise me hats. Lots of them :pipe:

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