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Personalizado Admin Application

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Hi all,Im Personalizado,Im a player of Mr.Green Mix Server and Mr.Green Race Server in MTA; I have play on Mix and Race since July of last year but, I was registred from September of last year, about me, im playing on Mr.Green Mix Server all day mostly and in Mr.Green Race Server some hours usually (Only i disconnect for eat or sleep), When i don't play im on IRC of the server Steadily. 



GameServer:  Mr.Green MTA Racer Server and Mr.Green MTA Mix Server

Age : !8 years old

Country: Mexico

Steam: yes , link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/PersonalizadoMta/

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


    » Well,I liked be admin specially of Mr.Green Mix Server, Why this server? Because in this server       

       are lot of blockers,trolls,racist, inclusive cheaters of hacks.if i be admin, i will help to evite     

        blockers,trolls,racist,cheaters and hacks in Mr.Green Mix Server for this server be better(I dont

       say that Mr.Green Mix Server are a bad server, I love it, Only i think this server can be better).


     ♦Some Blockers Post In Mix: http://forums.mrgreengaming.com/topic/13707-kaukokosanki-blocker-in-mix-server/

     ♦Some Cheaters/Hacks Post In Mix: http://forums.mrgreengaming.com/topic/13827-hhxbossviktor-big-hack-videos/


   » Another point is i can help users of  central and south america (Because my native language is 

      the Spanish), i saw some guy of this part of the planet don't know how to play some game-mode, 

      Specially don't know how to shot in "ManHunt" or don't know how to take tha flag in "Capture The

      Flag", and they can't ask to admin because are not admin on mix or don't know English;and I can

      help this users in them dudes, also I have a good english to help users of the other parts of the 



→ Thanks for your time for read my Admin Apliccation, Regards.

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While I usually give good feedback to players I know, now it would appear I can't do so. :/


While you are a great player, I don't think you're suited to become admin. I once gave you helper (killer) status in MIX, meaning that you had the power to kill blockers, teamkillers and you kinda abused it and I was forced to remove you :/


Now if you abused a basic kill command, I am not sure what you would do with an admin panel.


Now I'm saying it again: you're a good player. But maybe some people are just never meant for administration?

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