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List of the worst maps

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Hello all.


For the past few weeks i've been writing down every map with horrible rating.


These maps are the reason people usually complain rage block ram cry insult and quit.


Lets go


1 Map 'Death metal drag' ~50/150 with a normal amount of people on it takes around 8 minutes for one to finish this map
2 Map 'A Night At The RoxBLURy' 35/97
3 Map 'Aiwa7On the roof' 
4 Map 'Extreme' 10/60 
5 Map 'BUffalo Run '39/59 
6 Map 'Pch Danger' 43/83 
7 Map 'Upper Overdose' v2 52/68
8 Map '8-track comet' 
9 Map '8-track hotring'
10 Map 'No mercy rally v2' 54/187  
11 Map 'Pachanga Oval' - ~20/40


12 Map 'High Up' - ~30/70
13 Map 'MGX - Hard Truck Apocalypse' 36 / 117
14 Map 'Travis' - 31/72 
15 Map 'Race Turbolar' 57/107  
16 Map 'Monster Mayhem' ~30/70
17 Map 'La carrera del 17' 44/149
18 Map 'Hot coffee'  21/57
19 Map 'MGX The Uber Jump'  61/90
20 Map 'Falling Down'  66/139
21 Map 'Map '[Race]n30x - Metalic World' started'~~ 50/100
22 Map 'ToonTown'  15/40
23 Map 'Planica' 61/71
24 Map 'SantRace' 1/13 (2 times played)
25 Map '8-Ball & sY- 8 Short Balls' started. 38/68
26 Map 'orgazmterritory-oldwarehouse' 38/70
27 Map 'Tainted X' started' 28/67
28 Map 'Way of Destruction' 14/36
29 Map 'Paroah' 28/67
30 Map 'Not-so-long-way-' 10/50
31 Map 'Rombess Tray' 51/75
32 Map 'Thundarexpress' 43/52
33 Map 'The Axl Speedway' 53/71
34 Map' Days of thunder nascar' 29/66
35 Map '[fsa]highwaytonowhere' 83/86
36 Map 'Wipe out 2 infernus' 30/167
37 Map 'Christmas race' ~30/120
38 Map 'Village Drift' 7/21
39 Map 'Around the Ship' 29/66
40 Map 'Quien lo sabe - parte 4' started. 54/97
41 Map 'Formule 1 v2' started. 30/67
42 Map 'Rocket Danger' 50/73
43 Map 'thefuckisthis' 17/33
44 Map 'MGX - Rooftop Falls' 30/65
45 Map 'Eurotunnel_by_rombess_v2' 29/48
46 Map 'Menace 2 Society (slowednthrowed)' 38/74
47 Map 'Map 'h2so4-imaplayer' 21/64
48 Map 'J-U-M-P-E-R' 41/58
49 Map 'Not-So-Long-Way' 11/54
50 Map 'Little Need To Accelerate' 55/86
It's only 50 maps out of 1400 but they get played very often.
My request is that you consider deleting them so the majority of the maps has good rating and people enjoy playing them.
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Sorry but I won't delete all those maps, in the most of the maps the rating doesn't matter, there are good maps in there. I'm deleting maps sometimes, the ones I'm seeing are really bad, not ones that has a bad rating.


Anyway, thank you for posting the maps, I'll check them.

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Ok thanks for the response, yeah I know that many so called 'shit maps' are just maps the noobs can't handle and dislike them.


But the list i've made most of them are very long and annoying and not even fun to play.


Maybe you will find at least some of them deletable, i hope so  :)

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no maps should be deleted at all, unless they are deemed by "all admins" as unplayable, or ones that simply "noone" can finish otherwise as i said before, a map should NOT be deleted cause one admin seems to not like a map or listens to NOOBs complain..

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well 50 maps aren't much compared to the total amount.. it's like 3% of total map count.

we could play them all like in 1 night and delete them as we see fit.


Yeah but i don't know exactly how the mapsystem works but to me we play like 300-400 maps out of 1400 over and over, the very old ones don't get played anymore unless someone buys them.



@Bandit it's probably the worst of the list and all mrgreen maps :P Why were you looking for it ?

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Weapons by jeedo is a bad 1 lots of tkers with the guns and its got lots of dislikes and not many likes

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Any of Jededo's downhill drag race sprint maps...

Whatever you say... look at rating counter. More this maps has 100+ likes...


I make this map for the fun... mix server is for the fun... FUN!!!


I don't want your maps deleted, you have wonderful maps, I'm just saying some aren't fun :P Like the one where you basically don't even to press any button and you'll finish it. I love you Jed <3

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