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The inevitable admin application

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so you all know me as Gheii-Ben and i knew i would make one of these eventually is here it is


im well known on the server and play frequently, and i think putting since im on quite a bit having some power would help in situations with faggot cadebreakers and such


I dont really have much to say and i just think it would be a good idea since im a respected (by most not all) and i think people know im not the type to abuse the power. Its mainly the times we get repeat cadebreakers and griefers that i wish i was admin cus there isnt always one to hand.


so yea.... i think anything else from here on out would just be pointless brown nosing and similar stuff.


hope my friends will vouch for me and support me :3



Vote YES on Gheii-Ben's Admin Application :3  <3  <3

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