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(stolen from here)

Andrew Aversa, better known as zircon, has been a covert ops electronic audio specialist since 2002, and currently focuses on developing cutting-edge, rhythm-based defensive systems. His headquarters are presently located on the outskirts of Philadelphia, where he has developed an "organic electronic" compound used to construct his powerful brand of music inspired by artists such as the Prodigy, BT, The Chemical Brothers, Hybrid, Pendulum, and Fatboy Slim.

Though initially deployed with only classical knowledge in the field, zircon's training at OverClocked ReMix (www.ocremix.org) outfitted him with modern methods of sonic delivery and he has spent the last six years honing his technique.

zircon's continually expanding arsenal of full-length albums and EPs has been met with both critical and popular acclaim - Impulse Prime (Zircon Studios, 2005) achieved a dual victory at the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, winning "Best Techno Album" and the single "Tomorrow" winning "Best Techno Song".

The EPs System (Progressive Grooves, 2008) and Breathing You In (Progressive Grooves, 2008) infiltrated both Beatport and Juno Records, reaching as high as #1 on the Juno Progressive Trance charts. Songs from the discography have also entered the OurStage finals on four separate occasions, reaching the upper 0.1st percentile each time.

Recent breakthrough research has led zircon to pursue music supply operations to film, TV, video games, ads, and other media platforms; his music has been detected on the soundtrack of the hit game Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix (360/PS3, 2008) as well as the U.K. drama Skins and a host of other outlets.

When he is not crafting organic electronic mixtures for such employers, zircon can be found assisting other musicians in the fields of production, mastering, and sound design, having written a variety of tutorials, guides and other resources that have been carefully prepared for consumption by the general public.

The reason I like Zircon?

Let your ears do the talking:


Standpipe Valve (Antigravity album)


Depth Charge (Antigravity album)

[mp3]http://www.mr-green.nl/clavus/Nuclear Flash - zircon.mp3[/mp3]

Nuclear Flash (Megaman 2 remix, download on his Newgrounds account)

[mp3]http://www.mr-green.nl/clavus/04 - Necromancy.mp3[/mp3]

Necromancy (Mass Media Constant album)

And I'm just getting started!

Albums can be bought here for about 10 dollar a piece.

Enjoy! :awesome:

(yes I completely copied this thread from the Dutch forum, whatyagonnado?)

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Amazing ! I'll download all their songs :o

EDIT: Crap,i can't find it anywhere :/ ... If you guys find it, post the link, please D:. Also, i don't have money to buy the albums ..

He's got a few free songs on his Newgrounds page and down at Protagonist Records, but for all the stuff you'll have to buy the albums :P

And I'm not uploading 400MB of music ;)

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