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Game server suggestions

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We'll soon be adding a third, quad-core dedicated server to our arsenal. There's just one 'problem': not all available server spots have been reserved yet, so Ywa and I figured that the community can nominate one game we should take a server for. This game can be anything, even outside Source and Steam.

First round you can nominate a game; post them in this topic. If the community isn't familiar with the game, please tell something about it. Later we'll put up a poll with all nominees.


VOTING TIME: http://forums.left4green.com/index.php?sho...c=1509&st=0

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Crysis wars

Enemy territory quake wars

frontlines fuel of war

and we already have a tf2 and l4d server and css server so we dont need more of that but maybe a dods server?

About the battlefield series I only have 1942 and vietnam but vietnam had a wrong key :(

and ofcourse oldskool cs 1.6 and dod 1.3 :]

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Let me list what we have so far:

American army 3

Battlefield 2

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Crysis Wars

Dark Messiah

Enemy territory quake wars

frontlines fuel of war

Killing floor

Natural Selection

Red Orchestra 41-45 Ostfront

Unreal Tournament 3

Also, we're NOT going to run cracked servers.

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