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I recently got a much-needed new PC. Over the past several months, I've been playing on the MrGreenGaming servers and racked up some GC under the username RudeDude2140a. When I press F6 and log in, it accepts my old username and password (the same one for the forum and GC site). However, the first time I logged in with the new computer, I was automatically assigned a different username (MurkyCurio76) which shows up in-game. All my GC and car customizations were gone too. Is there a way that I can recover my old progress? Even if that isn't possible, how can I get rid of this stupid username?

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Car customizations arent tied to your username or serial, they're tied to your GC account. You should still have your stuff on your old account.

I only have one account. I sign in with my "old" username and password, but it shows MurkyCurio76 on the screen. I have no idea what happened as I have never made another GC account.

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You can easily change your nickname in the MTA settings, it has nothing to do with your purchases.

There was a database crash in July that erased most shop data from July 2013 till July 2014.

That might be the problem, there was no way to restore unfortunately.

That sounds about the timeframe during which my computer was running out of space, so I guess that is what happened. Thanks for the info.

You try this? Once in game in chat box type /nick yourname then sign into green coins with /gclogin name password

I will try this, but I think SDK's explanation is correct. Thanks for the help! Edited by RudeDude2140a
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