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Jeremiah's Admin Application


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Gameserver: GMOD Mr. Green ZS
Age: 20
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Link to Steam Community profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/vegajeremiah/home/


Lots of room for improvement and lack of administrators is the main reason I'm doing this.

Everybody on the server knows me, have been playing multiple years.


Don't see any reason for writing a complete essay, there's a lot to be done for ZS and I am completely on-board with Duby.

The time it takes for Mr. Green to decide on an admin app. is rather ridiculous and we can see this on the server..

Most of the admins are not active and when they are, they abuse admin-powers for their own gameplay.


(Mod edit: If you have proof that would be nice, otherwise please refrain from making accusations towards our admins)


I am not a snitch, for proof you can ask Duby, I've pointed out several situations to him.


That's about it, I hope this is not gonna take months and thanks for reading.

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  • Greens

You have some valid points for it taking some time. But Damien is in charge now so it shouldn't take to long. I think you are a really good candidate for this position. 


Good luck 


'Let the new age of zs shine.'

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Perhaps lame shot, that's because you never play on the server.

Besides that, you know what I am speaking off, i.e. using admin powers for slaying yourself as boss just so you can redeem.

For a boss I didnt ask for,


not playing on a server where people cry when there cade gets rightfully broken with 40 players behind it.


the only people that put as a reason not enough admins online in the application are the ones that ruin maps and gameplay with cades, yet bitch when it gets destroyed by others. You just want admin so you can slay the cadebreakers or influence the council to make it Cadefestmania

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  • Greens

Right read the rules. 


Please don't be negative on an admin app unless its valid. Also Rob stop being a little bitch. Don't comment if you are not going to say 'Good luck' or give another reason. aka don't go off topic. 

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