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MrGreenGaming Sounboard App





Hi, I recently made a soundboard {Android only} app containing all of the current custom horns from the [RACE] server and all sounds from the [MIX] server so that anyone can listen to them whenever and whereever they are. I'm going to try and update my app when new custom horns arrive on the servers. ENJOY! And please leave some feedback in this thread (good or bad) :)












update - 24.05.2016










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I have a publisher account. If you want I can publish it for you.

That'd be great, but what about future versions? I mean, new custom horns are being added all the time. I could edit my OP here and you could download the newest version from my dropbox and upload it to Google Play if you don't mind.

Btw what's your account's name, I wanna see what apps you've developed/published for android :)

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I belive it costs $25 if you want to publish an app on the google play store

I always thought it was free? Which was one of the benefits versus publishing on the iOS App Store?

App update with new custom horns.

Was it ever added to Google Play?


It's not on the PlayStore, yet. If it really is free to upload there then I could upload it, but then again I don't have a credit card (which I think is necessary, not sure).

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