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Doctor McNinja. Most awesome webcomic out there!


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Been reading this webcomic for the past two days; it blew my mind. It's the webcomic that created the "Ninja's can't catch you if you're on fire" image (thanks to Doctor McNinja's dad), and lots of other awesome stuff.

Let me tell you about the comic. Doctor McNinja is both a doctor, and a ninja. Still with me? Good. What does he do?


He beat the crap out of Ronald McDonald


His secretary is a gorilla.


He beats up dinosaurs on a daily basis. Oh and he named this velociraptor "Yoshi".



He's a big fan of batman.


His sidekick is a mexian kid named Gordito that grew a mustache by sheer force of will.


He surfed down from the moon on a robot Dracula (because Dracula had a moon laser installed there. Yeah, you probably lost me there).


He's a badass in general.

And that's just a small preview of the hilarious series. If you want to make sense out of the above comics, you'll have to read it in chronological order.

The comic archive can be found here, there are 10 finished issues (plus some guest weeks and other stuff), and the 11th started just recently. If you have the time; make sure to read this piece of art before you die. Make sure to read the image alt texts with the author notes (which appear if you hold your mouse over the image).

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