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What's everyone's favourite webcomics?

mine are:

Ctrl-Alt-Del (earlier ones were the best)

XKCD (Pure awesomeness)

Dr. McNinja (Also awesomeness)

One Small Step (It makes alot of refrences to various other book/movies, but in a humourous way, mostly The Hitch-hikers Guide To The Galaxy)

Cyanide & Happiness (Hilarity ensues)

hyperlinked the website to the name of the webcomic, because im that nice to you all :3

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Here comes the liiiiiiist:


8-bit Theater (it's finally drawing towards an end I think)

VG Cats (I think I'll be taking this from the list soon, it practically never updates and stopped being funny some time ago)

Truck Bearing Kibble (too bad it's not being updated weekly any more)

Dr. McNinja (fuck yeah)

The Perry Bible Fellowship (stopped updating some time ago, but has a great archive)

Concerned (duh)

xkcd (humour for smart people)

A Modest Destiny (pixel art comic. But hilarious writing and epic plot. The author still needs to finish the series)

Legorobot (random shit now and then)

Cyanide and Happiness (wouldn't want to forget that one)

Wulffmorgenthaler (daily random stuff, updates at exactly 0:00 GMT+1)

Looking For Group (great plot, characters and artwork. Parodies MMOs a lot)

I think that's about it :gmod:

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