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I've created a new Multi Theft Auto interface like a look of MrGreen. Why? Maybe you will think that addition is useless, because you don't give a fuck about the MTA interface, so I just find that fun, and if you too, you can download the folder below and replace the images folder in your MTA folder.




Instructions to follow to remplace MTA IMG files:


C:\ Program Files\ Multi Theft Auto 1.4\ MTA\ cgui\ extract the 'images' folder inside of cgui


How does it look? Take a look if you like it!



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It's pixelated, so cutting a background would be as easy as the magic wand tool.

( this is the one i used as a texture in the "mrgreen nightmare" map on mix http://ih0.redbubble.net/image.7685751.1907/sticker,375x360.png )

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New version! This one is completely Green Edition, changed MTA logo to MrGreen logo, also, replaced and created new plates for client messages as error, info, warning etc.

Download this file: images.zip and extract it here: C:\ Program Files(x86)\ Multi Theft Auto 1.5\ MTA\ cgui\ extract the 'images' folder inside of cgui






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