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Overhaul report.





-Bug fixes:

-New features:

-Game play changes:





Bug fixes:



-Hammer infinite nails

-Weapon switch delay

-Hammer SP glitch

-Undead rise walk animation

-Item loadout icons fixed

-Boss selection system fixed



New features:



-Picking up Turrets

-Medic required notification

-New zombie HUD

-Game play sounds

-AFK Spectators team system(Ywa's master mind)

-Zombie selection menu

-Load out menu

-New hammer system

-Optimized game mode

-Obj maps with special features (Integrated in the gamemode)



Game play changes:


-All tools are under one selection spot

-Tools are LV0 unlock

-Crate no longer grants health

-New load out weapons

-Perks combined into new one's EG:


Medic = medic upgrade 1 & 2

Support = planks upgrade 1 & 2

Berserker = Freeman spirit and poison protection


-Immortal pro perk is 50/50 else giving a classic SMG

-Poison zombie can poison spit and move

-Zombie colour mod is refined

-Bosses spawn every 5-6 mins with >=2500HP

-Spitter menu icon added

-HUD weapon selection is tidier

-Etherials are a lot easier to see

-Normal zombie damage reduced

-Spawn protection reduced

-Boss Health indicator cleaned

-Removed some music

-Balanced weapon prices

-Comeback perk outcomes modified (Aug,m3super90, Famas, sg552)

-Grave digger gives a set health of 5HP (Katana 3HP)

-Crate gives no HP ( Get a medic or use Mobile supply)





-Game mode files


They were a total mess. I had to strip and remove all the old code lying around not doing anything and fix the errors they give when it was removed. So it was a cat and mouse chase for a while.


After that I looked at the current systems in place and how they worked. (Out of date) I had the honour of C&P ValidEntity to IsValid for a while. Not fun...


There was a lot of code which wasn't actually meant to be there so I looked at where it should be and placed it there. Took a while but the end result was a nicely formatted file with a massively reduced size.


Finally was the challenge of sorting out all of the umsg messages which seem to be used in every file in the game mode. Most of them are now upgraded to a nice new shiny Net message. In return we were able to look at all of the client side files and optimize them to allow for a great amount of FPS to be gained. In total I'd say we have gained 20~30 fps depending on the map. Which I think is brilliant.



So without further of due I will show you all a short video which was made in Microsoft Movie maker of some of the features in the upcoming overhaul. :)


-ZS Dev team.





Release date will be within the next few weeks after the admin team have tested it properly.

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This isn't an overhaul


this is another update, picking up turrets and medic notifications should've existed a long time ago


"-Crate no longer grants health" oh great, not like anyone uses Mobile Supplies anymore though.

"-Tools are a lvl0 unlock" good good, easier for random fags to join the server and nail shit to the wall (and we still can't un-nail it, 'we're working on it' -Circa 1000B.C.E.)

"-Bosses spawn every 5-6 mins with >=2500HP" just remember what happened last time.

"-Obj maps with special features" inb4 copy/pasting zm maps that barely worked and were glitchy as fuck (don't we all remember Gasdump?)

"-New hammer system" when I said fix cading and make it easier and more fun, I didn't mean make it the entire basis of the gamemode, as of currently Running has been mutilated and destroyed and cading is OP to the point of diminishing 20-30 players down to 10.  


so far the only things good about this 'overhaul' that make a big difference are bosses, objective maps, and a shit ton of optimizations 


Good luck anyway I guess.

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from dev server, unlike only 1 slot for tools: turret, mini-turret, nail hammer and other things....


There was nice combinations like

nail hammer + torch

mini-turret + turret

and other...



when players nails first nail in props he will get reward in amount 30 SP, but for other nails he will got nothin, so there is reason award for it too, just caz nobody will nail cade caz it will gawe u nothin... for example 3 differend props = 90sp VS 1 nailed 3 times props = 30sp... i think u will se profit.



now repairing nails have no reward,  u need think about first version reward for repairing nails,

when every 20-25 heals for nails gaves revard 10 sp.. caz 1 sp and 4(with barricade guy suit) that is idiotism. But now 5sp will be enough (10 for barricade guy).


For example in current version of ZS, barricade guy get 4sp for every 5heals ... 20 repaired hp = 16sp 25 = 24, so there will much harder just farm that sp and will gave profit for players, i can be wrong..



and yep, my english is shit.

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  • Greens

I understand perfectly what you are saying and I take it on board. I think you are partially right. I would rather see a clump of SP given rather than loads of small amounts all the time. So I will work on this as quickly as I can. I can foresee that how I construct this hammer will dictate how much cading is done. 


I will ask around for some opinions and obviously do what I think is best. 


Thanks for the feedback. :)

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Great progress with optimizations. I have been working with the weapon folders and the shared and server files for handling them and have optimized the lot. We have gained literally 20 fps from it. So this wait is going to be well worth it!


I hope we can get this live by Monday-ish depending on Ywa and how well the testing goes.

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Overhaul is done. 


Requires maybe a few test rounds on the dev server just to be safe, but its ready for release and I am happy with the end result. 


I have added a few little surprises in there which I haven't told anyone about. But I am sure its going to be kick ass! ;)


These final few days have been a rather large push to get it all done. But its been worth the time and effort. :)


I won't be around for the next few days so it will either be up tomorrow (18/12/2014) or when ever I come back I guess. 


-Duby ^^

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  • Greens

Oh sat on the bus and remembered something. Yea check the level unlock table and un comment the first one and remove the second. If Ywa doesn't see this in time, one of the admins push this please. :)

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