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The voltage is on Auto..

i dunno if i should increase or decrease.

i did increase, nope . it didnt fix it.

Now i either get DRIVER_IRQL or normal IRQL.


*it only happens on VISTA 64bit. maybe it didnt install correctly..)

Look up the modelnumber of your RAM. In most online stores/specsheets it'll state the voltage needed.

I agree with ERROR 401, it sounds like it's hardware related.

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Well it is not a old computer. i have it for ehm 3-2 months?

But i put the volt on 2.1V and it seems to work.. when i crash again ill check for hardware fails. if that fails i re-install my vista

Make sure 2.1V is right, because you might fry your RAM

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Dont worry. im shure it will Blue Screen to protect the RAM from frying itself

(i hope so...)

Where do i have to check on what voltage i can put it on?

In the BIOS it showed a max and min . max was around 3.2V or something

What's the name/modelnumber of your RAM?

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