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Mr. Green Gaming

{MTA} MegasXLR Admin Application


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Hello, Green People :)


Gameserver: Mostly [RACE] server

Age: 18 (this February)

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Average weekly playtime: Around 2 hours a day on weekdays (19:30 - 21:30 GMT), Much longer on free weekends / After a month I'll be active in-game almost all afternoon (12:00 - 18:00 GMT) :) {This cycle will repeat every year due to school and college}!

Languages able to communicate in: English, Bulgarian, I kinda understand some Russian, but I can't speak it :P Also I'm studying german since 5th grade but don't know almost anything in german, it's waaay too hard for me!

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: My real name is Simeon, but everyone calls me Moni :)

I know most players which play in [RACE] daily and am quite friendly with everyone. I've got nothing against noobs, we've all been there, but blockers gotta go somewhere else. I won't abuse the commands mainly because I'm nice and have no problems with normal players. MrGreenGaming [RACE] was the first race server i ever played, but back then I was a noob with a different name (K.I.T.T.) and forgot the server's name :D I found it again in the middle  of 2013 when I saw Retard in-game. He was the only guy I remembered from my K.I.T.T. days :P

I join the forums almost every day to see what's new and try to help other players with what I can (it's not much, but still xD). I don't join IRC quite often, dunno why, i just don't. Since I figured a way to use IRC from my phone, I'll be more active there :D


I'm always on IRC now, all you need to do to reach me is type Megaz in-game and I'll get a notification on my phone :P


Well, that's about it, thanks for reading my application and to be honest I want to be a killer much more than an admin :) now that I'm mod, I won't mind if I get admin rights somewhere in the future :P

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