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Hi everyone,

Are people interested in creating an English Mr. Green wiki? With information about everything that has to do with Mr. Green and our game modes.

If you are interested, please let me know if you want to work on it and what exactly (like adding hint & tricks for each class in ZS or IW).



Wiki is up. Enjoy.

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We tried the wiki idea some time ago for the Dutch forum, but only Ywa was making articles :')

Almost alone actually. And that was a general wiki.

Great guys, I'll set it up this evening and will create a list of articles that are needed.

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I SAPPORT i mean Support.

I will make a entire page saying that Hundred2 is awesome about some TF2 thingys like: Tips to taunt kill :P or serious things like what guns can 1 hit kill what zombie class in ZS OR achievements in ZS and tips on how to get them and a difficulty. I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS

Do want wiki

o and will it become a wiki we all can edit?

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yes but the wiki wil have more info about the GMOD gamemodes then about generic TF2 info like: heavy has 300 hp and 450 hp when buffed.

But own style.. AH HAH TRY THIS

style 1: h4i w3lcum on 0ur w1k1 0f Mr Gr33n.

Style 2 : Welcome on our sexy mr green WIKI. on the right is a free rape and on the left a article about rape.

Just kidding :P

so the Wiki is up tonight?

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I will help, but I think it will fail. It will certainly fail when we give serious information, because there are already a lot of sites with that, so we have to use a own style.

Like I said before. It's a wiki with everything about Mr. Green and our game mode. So no other sites got that.

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Is this going to be a Wikipedia Wikipedia *serious* or a Mr-Green Wikipedia? *Lose*

Like in, is this all going to be serious, with things like the history of Mr-Green, how it had come so far, explanating the gamemodes ect, or all that, but with other things, like a member zone, where players who are active on the forums, can make an entry about themselves *But you have to be atleast 1 year on forum, or validated by the Topcrew ect* and things like slogan, like eh...

...further explanation of hax? :V

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