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Backpacking through Europe / Interrail trip tips?


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So yeah, I've been planning to spend a month backpacking around Europe in the summer. I will buy the interrail train pass so all trains are free, so the only flight I will be booking is the one back to Finland. 

The dates are not sure yet and it depends whether I get a job for the summer or not, and for which month. I will travel mostly alone, but probably meet up with some friends along the way if I manage to travel at the same time. The time period would be 30 days, starting from when I first leave Finland.

I'm now planning the route and so far I got this;

Stockholm - Oslo - Kleppe(South-West Norway, friend lives there) - Kristiansand >boat to Denmark> Copenhagen - Hamburg? - ?..

Then probably Netherlands - Germany  - (Austria/Liechtenstein/Switzerland) - Italy? Im not sure about going to France since I've heard the people are dicks there. 


-Does anyone have any experience with backpacking or just travelling without a plan? What went well and what didn't?

-Any tips on where I should go? Most of the people here live in Europe so do you have anything cool/worth visiting where you live?


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Went last summer with some family members to Istanbul,booked a hotel and a flight only,we had no plans,

On our way to Istanbul from Casablanca in Morocco,and in our final approach,the plane brutally bent to the right side for some reason.And believe me,i shat a brick...

So everything was fine,could know the places to visit thanks to Sygic gps,and some turkish friends that used to play on mta servers

BTW,their food is absolutely outstanding (kebab,durum,doner) i got 5 kilos fat in 10 days lol.



Places to visit in the way I live? Nowhere,unless you're interested on doing beach jetpack and surfing in my town where it goes to 38 at summer.

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-Does anyone have any experience with backpacking or just travelling without a plan? What went well and what didn't?


All my life my mom planned our travels in Excel putting all... where to eat, where to go, prices, everything... Its nice but isnt the same as travel without a plan.


Personally i haven't travel without a plan in my life, i wont lie you, but i have saw a lot of Youtube videos of people travelling like that and they always recommend it..

You dont need to worry about time, about place to eat, things that you wont see.. Of course you will not see the same as if you have a plan but you will see the things that you want to see.


Example, i travelled to Perú like 4 years ago, and i know the whole Lima, all turistic places and cool stuff (because my mom made the plans), but i didnt went to Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuamán or the Nazca Lines, and i really wanted to see those cool places and more else.


So i totally recommend the no-plans travel too, even if i havent do it.

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Looks really good and adventurous, I'm planning to do something like this, when I'll get a job and more money, for the moment  I'm planning about going to Sweden this summer and meet a girl (aww). Here in Barcelona is what most of the people are looking for, great weather (already +20 degrees just on April's beginning), cerveza, food, party, playa, girls, the problem would be when you have to leave the city, really sad after having a nice stay, even Costa Brava it's awesome, just, the best beach zone (calas) of Europe (can't be of the world cos fu el caribe and hawaii), really good ambient unless drunk people... It is really interesting to see someone that actually likes to travel around, I remember when I was 13 for the first time I went to France alone by myself without telling my parents, I love to travel to other countries, and then when I was 15, caught by the police on the border between Spain and France, I'd love to do the same, I hope to you a good experience around Europe, have fun ^^

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